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Quickly Access to Desired DVD Chapter by Bookmark Review

Sometimes time is just limited for you to watch the entire DVD in one sitting. Or maybe you need to do a presentation using a company DVD; you do not need to do the whole disc at one time, for example, to do it part by part. At these occasions, if there is a player that can create shortcut so that you can go straight to play the corresponding part, that’s would be amazing.

BlazeVideo HDTV Player has a neat feature called “DVD bookmark” that allows you to save your place. It will help you to automatically resume from the last scene of a DVD movie. And more, bookmark preview let you quickly access desired DVD title/chapter.

Resume means the player will start the disc where you stopped it (instead of at the beginning each time). Players with multi-disc resume remember where to start playing the disc even after you’ve removed it and reinserted it. Just like bookmarking this feature hasn’t been included on many new Blu-ray players. Bookmarking let you mark favorite scenes or places in a disc so you can quickly find them again.

To quickly access to desired DVD chapter, just download BlazeVideo HDTV Player and run it. Play DVD on it, click “Open Floating Panel” button, “Show Bookmark”-> “Add Bookmark”, you can change the name or something more descriptive. The next time, you need to quickly access to it, just “go bookmark” and click the desired one. You can also remove bookmark or remove all bookmarks.

BlazeVideo HDTV Player also can play digital / analog TV, record TV shows, convert videos, capture image from TV shows or DVD movies. Just get it download free for trial, you will find that a BlazeVideo HDTV Player equals to 3 tools which are digital TV player; common media file player; and video converter.

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