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How to authoring a music DVD with DVD authoring tool?

Let’s say you have a collection of music. Any kind of music format will do, but just want to author a special music DVD and play it in your car DVD player. To do that, you will need to choose a music DVD authoring program. Music DVD authoring is a software process that turns audio from a format into one that you can play on a DVD.

To get started, you will need to take a moment to consider what you want out of the process. There are many kinds of these programs, and the one to pick for your specific needs is sometimes not obvious at first.

There is an easy-to-use one for you. Music DVD Creator is an innovative utility to make your own music DVD. With this amazing Music DVD Creator, you can convert all types of video / audio files including CD and recorded music to DVD format, and burn to DVD easily.

How to authoring music DVD:
Step 1, download the DVD authoring software free for trial, install and run it on Windows computer.


Step 2, Click “Edit”, you can import files, import CD, or record your own sound.
Import File: Import supported media file with audio from your local or network hard disk folder; it will be added as a chapter in the designated title.
Import CD: Select tracks from CD and convert them into WAV file, each track will be added as a chapter in the selected title.
Record: Input voice from Microphone or other audio device, convert it into WAV file and add as chapter in the selected title.
Step 3, edit music. You can add / delete title, add / delete chapter, remove all the music, move up and move down.


Step 4, burn your DVD file to DVD disc (with DVD burner installed in computer).
Drop-down click in “Output Type” option to select “DVD Burning”. DVD burner’s drive letter and model will display in “Device” option. Select burn engine and DVD burner in “DVD Burning” area. Click “Create” button, you will burn the edit DVD file into DVD disc. Before burning, if your DVD disc is DVD-RW type and not a blank one, please click “Erase” to erase the disc first. You can click “Abort” to cancel burning in burning progress.

Authoring music DVD is quite easy. What you ultimately choose to do will depend on what kind of music you eventually will create. Whoever you are, you will be able to find music DVD creator that suits your needs.

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