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Best Video Editing Software for Beginners to Edit Video Easily

What is the best video editing software for beginners?

I’m very new to video editing but I just recently got a digital camera that can take video and I was wondering what the best video editing software for beginners is. Price is not an issue.

Yes, of course there are tons of video editor in the market, but to find the best video editing software for beginners, we need to put the following features of a video editing tool into consideration: ease of use, well support for all kinds of SD and HD videos, useful editing tools, an convenient way to share videos. In this article, decent video editing software for novice will be introduced – BlazeVideo SmartShow is popular for its intuitive user interface and powerful editing features.  Come to download the free trial version of this video editor and try its amazing features.

Smart features of BlazeVideo SmartShow

The following part is the main features of BlazeVideo SmartShow, which are of great help for beginning users in editing their videos. Although it is reckoned as the best choice for beginners, intermediate video editing users may also find it helpful.

  • Supports all popular SD and HD videos, including MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, MKV, WMV, MPEG, etc.
  • Includes all common editing tools such as rotate, clip, trim, flip, merge, etc.
  • Add stylish title with customizable sentence, font, color, text effect, etc.
  • Fine tune video/photos with Contrast, Saturation, Brightness and Hue tools.
  • Easily drag your video clips, popular music, stylish titles and creative fades into the storyboard.
  • Liven up your masterpiece with music or voice-over and abundant fantastic effects.
  • Take advantage of stylish titles to impress your audience deeply.
  • Makes a fluent video by merging multiple video clips and pictures with animated transitions.
  • Save your movie into all kinds of portable devices for better enjoyment on-the-go.
  • Upload your masterpiece onto Facebook to get it view widely

Quick Steps to use the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Although it’s easy-to-use, here I would like to show you the most direct way to use this video editing software to edit video.

Step 1: Add video files into the video editor

You can either click “Import” button to add video files on your computer. All added files will be displayed in thumbnails in the album. Besides, the files would be divided into three categories: video, audio and image. You can find your desired file under the four tabs: All, Image, Audio, and Video. Click anyone to preview in the right preview window. Now your video files are well organized with the program. You can easily find a video to modify without changing the original file.

Step 2: Edit and personalize video files

To edit video files, first drag them to the box marking “Drag images and videos here” on the Timeline. Here are the detail steps: 1. Double click any video to start editing it, including rotate, clip,  crop, set contrast/hue/saturation/brightness, add watermark and subtitle if you want to make it looks unique. 2. In the editing window, you can drag the frame made by six red points on the video picture to trim the video and adjust the picture size of the video. 3. Click Start Clip and then the End clip button to clip a video to the length you need

Step 3: Add Stylish title and transition (Optional)

Add a template title for your video, select one from the “Title” tab on the main screen or select a picture from your album and drag it into the first box on the timeline, double click it to edit it. You can add you own words, select a show effect for it.

When you add several video clips and pictures into the video editor, you would find that there are translations between each picture and video by default on the timeline. You can choose to move them out or add some other translations you like between your videos and pictures to make it look more fluent. Click “Transition” tab on the main screen and you will see many animated transition effects are available. Drag your favorite into the box onto the timeline. Moreover, you could also make a photo slideshow to tell your special story by photos taken during summer vacation, birthday party and more with this video editing software.

Step 4: Create your fantastic movie and share it online

Here comes the final stage: creating your movie. You could either save your movies into all kinds of popular SD and HD formats or some formats supported by your portable devices like iPhone, iPads, Samsung Galaxy series, etc. Besides, you can also upload your masterpiece onto Facebook, then it could be viewed widely. After finish the output setting, just hit the Create button to make your own movie.

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