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Clip Video to PSP with PSP Video Converter

When you format a Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo stick in your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), you will get a new PSP folder, with sub-folders for “game”, “music”, “photos”, and “save data”. But nothing for videos? What’s going on? Well, it turns out that you need to put MPEG-4 video files in their own special folder, one that’s not in the PSP directory, but in the main root directory of the Memory Stick. Simply create a new folder in the root directory and put your MPEG-4 video files there.

Sometimes you want to clip some wonderful parts from a video and play it on your PSP at any time, any place. I will introduce an easy-to-use software to you. So that you can enjoy the wonderful video clips on PSP.

The most popular PSP video converter, editor and downloader worldwide – BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter, you can clip any loved part or scene from original movie easily and convert them into MP4 to playback on Sony PSP.

Just download from Blazevideo, install and launch it on computer with Win XP/Vista/7.

1. Load video file onto BlazeVideo PSP converter

2. Clip the video: click “clip”, select the clip start point and clip end point, then click “OK”. A new video file is created. And repeat this step to get more clips.

3. Choose “SONY PSP” as output format.

4. Choose an output folder.

5. Drag the video clip to your PSP.

To clip video to PSP is pretty easy, is it? You can get more functions from BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter: convert video, crop video, add watermark, download video, merge video, and create photo slideshow for PSP. Get this one-click solution to enrich your spare time.

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