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How to Use Timeshift function of BlazeVideo HDTV Player

BlazeVideo HDTV Player is a powerful Digital TV and Analog TV Player for Win XP/Vista/7.

BlazeVideo HDTV Player supports nearly all DTV standards such as DVB-T, ATSC/NTSC, DVB-S, DVB-S2, ISDB-T, CMMB, AVS, DMB-TH, etc.; and it can automatically or manually scan all available channels. With its Timeshift function, you can pause a live program, skip boring ads.  BlazeVideo HDTV Player supports FM radio, TV show record, EPG guide,  DVD/VCD/SVCD/ISO/DirectX/H264/MP3/MPEG/pictures  playback, picture in picture function, image capture, DVD bookmark etc.. The recorded video files can be converted into AVI, ASF, 3GP, and MP4 for iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, PSP. BlazeVideo HDTV Player is a powerful TV, DVD player, media player on your computer!

Let’s experience the EPG guide of BlazeVideo HDTV Player.

Download, install, run BlazeVideo HDTV Player on your computer.

hdtv player timeshift

1.    Launch Timeshift

Press Pause button, you will pause watching and launch TimeShift function. In TimeShift status, the time stops at the TimeShift start time, and a green bar will display and keep changing at the center of Main Control Panel.

hdtv player timeshift.2

Depending the TimeShift buffer size you preset in DTV Options, the whole TimeShift duration time will be different, which can be estimated by contrasting the TimeShift start time and the current System time.

Note: Due to the certain size of TimeShift buffer file, upon green bar reaching at the end, if you do not cancel TimeSift, the previous TimeShift program will be removed, what you reserved will be the latest program. You can also enlarge the Buffer Size in DTV Optons.

2.    Play Timeshift Program

Press Play or press Pause button again, you will play timeshift program, continue to watch HDTV program from the paused position. In TimeShift playback status, there is still a green bar displaying.

3.    Exit Timeshift, Resume Live Playback

Press Play button two times, you will skip some content (such as boring Ad.), resume live playback and keep along with the actual playback status offered by HDTV service provider.
In Live Playback status, the green bar disappears and the Main Control Panel returns to normal status.


1. The TimeShift function is only activated for HDTV program playback, not available for media file playback.

2. The paused duration time depends on your TimeShift Buffer Size, which can be set in DTV Setting.


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