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How to Backup DVD to DVD±R/W, DVD9, DVD5, VCD, SVCD

How to backup a DVD to one or two DVD±R disc(s)? There are several options to choose from, ranging from keeping only the main movie and one audio track, to splitting complete DVDs onto 2 DVD±Rs and to squeezing every feature on a particular DVD on a DVD±R. Some guide list many different software for different requirement, such as Full DVD backups, Main movie only, Stripping unwanted extras; DVD-5 -> DVD±R, DVD-9 -> 2 DVD±R, DVD-9 -> 1 DVD±R; basic multiangles, advanced multiangles, Button over video, Infinifilm, Mimicking seamless branching, and so on. But I come up with a question, is there a software which can satisfy all of those needs?

So I keep on installing and uninstall one after another, I tried almost each one of those DVD copy software – DVD Shrink, CloneDVD 5, DVDFab, but they all have some kind of short-comes, DVD Shrink is not compatible with many kind of DVDs, don’t know why, it just doesn’t copy, or failed after half of the job was done; CloneDVD 5 is good, it is can remove region code, css and other protection automatically, but it is too expensive, and no discount; DVDFab is too slow, I also dislike it’s interface(personal preference), and many other software have other kind of problem, and I want some thing better.

Finally, I found the one I’m using now – Blaze DVD Copy, a powerful software which is compatible with almost all kind of DVDs, like DVD±R/W Basic, DVD±R/W Complex, DVD9, DVD5, VCD, SVCD, and video files AVI, ISO, MP4, DivX, XviD, H264, WMV, 3GP, ASF, etc, original video quality, fast copy, good service, free update, that’s what I wanted.

Download link: Blaze DVD Copy

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