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How to Bypass DVD Region Code

Suppose the DVD you ordered on Amazon has just arrived. It is nice time for a cozy evening on the couch with a glass of wine and your newest addition. You insert the DVD disc into your DVD player and sit on the couch to wait it to start. What makes you disappointed is that instead of showing the movie, your DVD player only gives an error message: “Disc error, incorrect region code.” What is going on here?

This is a typical case of conflicting region codes which means that your DVD player cannot support the DVD movie released in another region. The DVD player bought in your country cannot play foreign movie.

Industry Wants to Control Prices and Distribution

For commercial reasons, in a bid to keep distribution of DVD movie and set different prices of their films for different countries, the DVD publisher add region code to the DVD disc. In other words, they usually do not publish a film all over the world at the same time. America is usually several weeks to months before Europe or Asia.

Film companies have made ​​arrangements with DVD player manufacturers. They added built-in encryption into their DVD player that prevents the display of discs from other regions.

The world region codes

Region Free DVD PlayerThe numbers 0-8 are designated to different regions:

  • Region 1   USA, Canada
  • Region 2  Europe, Japan, South Africa, the Middle East, Greenland
  • Region 3  South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia
  • Region 4  Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Central America, Pacific Islands
  • Region 5  Eastern Europe, Russia, India, North Korea, East & West Africa
  • Region 6  China
  • Region 7  Reserved for special use
  • Region 8  Reserved for cruise ships, airlines, etc.
  • Region 0  DVDs can be played internationally

How to Bypass DVD Region Code to Play Foreign Movie

There are four different ways to bypass the region code and play foreign DVD movies.

1 Apply region-free DVD player software

You can download a region-free DVD player that can play DVD of all regions. As there are dozens of region-free DVD player on the internet, it is hard to find a fit one. Here we would like to share you a popular player selected by millions of users: BlazeDVD. This tool can play DVD from region 1 to region 6. With it, you can enjoy foreign DVD movies freely.

2 Copying the DVD and thereby remove the region code

Nowadays, many DVD copy software can remove the encryption and region code from this coded DVD movies efficient during the DVD copy process. On the market, many DVD copy software claimed that they are capable to remove most encryption, but in fact, only some can do it, such as BlazeVideo DVD Copy.

3 Rip DVD to Video Files

Rip DVD to video file can not only delete the region code added on your DVD movie, but can also turn the DVD movie into popular video files that can be played on your iPhone, iPad, iPod. Then you can enjoy your DVD movie on the go, do not need to take a big disc especially when you are on a travel, very convenient. If you have not found a good DVD ripper, you can have my recommendation: BlazeVideo DVD Ripper, which I have used for years, very easy-to-use.

4 Make the DVD player region-free via a ‘DVD hack’

To make your DVD player region-free, you can unlock them with a specific code made for each model. We call this DVD region code hack. This region code hacks vary by brand and often by model. You can find region code hack on the internet. For example: Sometimes such a hack is provided in the store. Please note that it does run the risk of losing the warranty on your DVD player. Please refer to the warranty of the manufacturer and the supplier before you hack your DVD play to region-free.

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