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How to Unlock a TV

Sometimes you may find that your DTV channels are locked by padlocks, which makes it impossible to watch these channels. Why it happens? After connecting a DTV box to an analog TV set or setting up a digital TV, if you fail to program the DTV box or digital TV to pick up the local TV channels, you will find you are not receiving all or some DTV channels that come with padlocks.  In fact, these DTV channels are not really locked. How to Unlock a TV channel in this case? Read this instruction, everything will be simple.

Things to Prepare

  • TV antenna
  • 75 Ohm coaxial cable

Connect a DTV Box to an Analog TV

Step 1: Keep the coaxial cable wire attached connected to the TV antenna to the DTV box’s RF In nodule which is labeled as “Ant.In”.

Step 2: Screw one end of the coaxial cable wire to the RF Out nodule of the DTV box, and then connect the other end to the RF In nodule on the back of TV.

Step 3: Insert the power cord of DTV box to the DC power jack which is located on the back of DTV box. Then plug the orther end of the cord into a wall outlet.

Step 4: Turn on the television. Switch on the DTV box and set the TV to channel 3.

Instructions on How to Unlock DTV Channels on DTV Box

Step 5: Press “Menu” in the DTV remote control at the DTV box.

Step 6: Browse to find the “Channel Scan” menu option by using the arrow buttons on the remote control, highlight and select it to initiate a channel scan. Some DTV remote controls may have a “Channel Scan” button, which enables you to press this button directly.

Step 7: Never stop till the channel scan completes. During the channel scanning process, a meter bar on the TV monitor will show the current channel scanning completion percentage.

Step 8: Flip through the channels received by the DTV tuner or receiver by pressing the Channel Up or Channel Down buttons on the remote control Reposition the TV antenna and try performing the channel scan again like shown in Step 2 and Step 3 if any local TV channels missing.

Unlock Locked DTV Channels on Digital TV

Step 9: Turn on the TV at first.

Step 10: Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.

Step 11: Just like showing in Step 6, use the arrow buttons on the TV remote control to browse the menu options in order to find out the “Channel Scan” button. Highlight the “Channel Scan” button and select it to get started a channel scan immediately.

Step 12: Follow the instructions in Step 3 and Step 4 to unlock the DTV channels with padlock on Digital TV.

Others You Need Know

After repositioning the TV antenna and performing another channel scan according to steps above, if the local TV stations are still missing, try either of the following will be helpful: invest a higher quality indoor TV antenna, or change to an outdoor TV antenna to retry. If you have successfully got channels with Analog TV, but fail to pick up any local TV channel now, it seems to be a poor reception issue rather than a locked channel problem. Poor reception with analog TV usually causes a static-filled picture, while with digital TV, it usually results in no picture at all. Only when you fix the reception issue, you are able to pick up the missing channels using channel scan.

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