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How to use Nero Burning Rom to burn DVD files to a blank DVD-R or DVD+R

First of all, I assume you have a Nero Burning Rom in your PC, if you do not have one, get it from: Install it in you computer and let’s start.

Step 1
Creating a new DVD-Video compilation
Launch Nero Burning Rom in the classic mode (not the Nero Express wizard mode). Choose DVD  from the drop-down menu, and select DVD-Video as the compilation type (Sellect the third one down). Click the New  button to open up the DVD layout view.

Step 2

Adding files to the VIDEO_TS folder

Be aware that Nero is only capable of burning pre-authored DVD-Video VOB-files. That means that you cannot simply add MPEG-2 video files, they must be in VIDEO_TS form before we start to burn them with Burning Rom. The folder you want to burn should have a couple of .BUP  and .IFO  files, and a bunch of 1GB .VOB  files.

Choose the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVDVideo1_DVD window or search for it in the file browser area to the right. For the example I have whited out any personal information but the idea should be there. Navigate your system to find the VIDEO_TS folder. After you found it, then right click on the VIDEO_TS folder itself and hit Copy to compilation or use the hotkey Ctrl+1. You can also choose to just drag and drop the full folder into the compilation. Either works, and both methods are simple and fast.

There are a few other options for you to check out before moving on to the actual burning process. The first is in the top right where you select which DVD burner you want to use for the process. If you have multiple burners and perhaps have a preference, this would be the time to choose which burner you want to use by using the drop down arrow. You could also press Ctrl+R.

It is also important to note the DVD capacity in the bottom right. For a DVD5, you can hold a maximum of 4.36GB or 4475MB (the equivalent of 4,689 532,928 bytes ) data on single layer DVD-R / DVD-RW  or DVD+R / DVD+RW  discs. The 4.7 GB marking you see on the disc doesn’t actually mean gigabytes, but billions of bytes (4,700,000,000 bytes) all of which cannot be used due to overhead. A DVD9 has double the capacity as it is dual layer.

If you are using a DVD-9 sized VIDEO_TS folder so it is pertinent to select DVD9 from the drop down menu for capacity. Now that those options are done, it is finally time to burn your folder.

Step 3
Burning the DVD

After we take the first 2 step, all that is left to be done now is to make some settings and burn the disc. Hit the icon of a lit match or use the hotkey CTRL+B to get to the Burn settings page. In the Burn tab you can set the write speed. In the Label tab you can name the movie you are burning. Every other tab should not be touched. Hit the Burn button and let the program work for in magic.

Finished! You now have a DVD-Video disc that can be played on a stand-alone DVD player. The support for DVD-R / DVD-RW and DVD+R / DVD+RW discs varies between makes and models.

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