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How can I play a DVD movie in Windows XP

Your Windows XP can’t play your favorite DVD movie? And why?

Microsoft Windows XP does not have a Windows DVD player program installed. And you can’t use the Microsoft Windows Media player to play your DVD movies because of the digital copyright protection.

To play a DVD movie in Windows XP, we have to use a third-party software DVD player. Although there are dozens of different programs available to play DVD movies, we suggest the free Blaze DVD Player, which is fully capable of playing all DVD movies and other media files.

If you have had a stable and reliable DVD player, then it’s very easy for you to play a DVD movie in your Windows XP. After installing the DVD player program on your PC and launching the software, you just insert the DVD disc into your computer then the DVD player will automatically indentify and start to play the DVD movie. Most DVD player will supply other features for enjoying such as recording, converting recorded files into Apple, BlackBerry, Sony or other mobile phones, picture in picture, image capture, bookmark and so on.

Now you may be confused on how to choose DVD player.  I list some tips for your consideration.

If you like high definition TV, you can consider Blu-ray disc player. Because Blu-ray player supports high-resolution video up to 1080p, as well as new, more detailed surround sound formats.

If you like to watch lots of DVDs and listen to lots of CDs, you can choose a Multi-disc DVD player because it not only gives you a great picture and sound quality but also expands your entertainment options. You’ll no longer need a separate CD player.

If you still have lots of VHS tapes, you can buy the DVD/VCR combo unit which can bridge the gap between VHS and DVD collections. And most DVD/VCR combos even include a DVD recorder, so you can use the unit to record TV shows to either VHS or DVD.

If you travel often, having a portable DVD player will be more convenient for you because it offers entertainment on the go and it’s perfect for frequent travelers, or those with young, impatient passengers on long family car trips. And it’s lightweight and most it features 12-volt power adapters and car mounting kits.

Under the help of the developed technology watching DVD movies on windows or Mac or TV or car etc. is no longer a big problem. As time goes, DVD player will integrate more and more functions, making life more colorful and enjoyable.

Like me, I often use free Blaze DVD player to enjoy my DVD collections, watch other media files, record the DVD movies and convert them into MP4 for my iPod. It really gives me a good impression. But now I’m looking for software that can not only play my DVD movies but also let me watch online HD TV shows breezily.

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