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Record your voice and burn to a CD

Music files are not the only files that can be burnt to a CD. But you can also burn your own voice to a CD. How then? Basically, you’ll need a sound recorder and burning program on your computer. You need first to record your voice with the recorder and save the recording on computer. With computer software like Music DVD Creator, you can just record your voice and burn to a CD as easily as you can burn music files. You will achieve the whole process on just one program, with as fewest steps as possible.

burn recorded voice to CD

You will need a microphone to begin. Launch the software Music DVD Creator and click the “Edit” button and then the “Record”. A window named blaze recorder pops up. Click the red round button to begin recording your voice when you are ready and then click the black square button to stop when you finish.

Click the “Save” button to save the voice you’ve recorded. You can choose the location where you want to save it. After clicking the “OK” button to finish saving the recording, it will automatically appear at audio list, ready for burning to CD. There is a mini player with which you can play and listen to the voice you’ve recorded.

Insert into your CD drive a blank CD-R disc. Go to the “Output” menu, and click the “Create” button to start burning your recording voice to CD.

With Music DVD Creator, you can make your own audio books, or you would simply like to make a CD letter for loved ones, or anything else you want to record and burn it to CDs.

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