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Region Free DVD Player: Choose the Best One

Whether you are leaving office for holidays, going on loved vacations, or taking wonderful trips, all you long for is to switch off completely and have a good rest. At that time, your favorite DVD movies or music have become necessary for your entertainments. Image how splendid time you will have to share great DVD movies or songs with your families or friends during the boring train or airplane time!


While, the fact is not always so perfect. Too many of your DVDs may be restricted to play beyond a certain geographical boundary. The reason here is very simple. Most DVDs especially the big movies and most popular movies have been region coded. Thus they cannot be played outside the area allocated to the code.


Let’s learn more about DVD region codes.


The world of DVD is divided into 6 regions all over the world, so is the world of DVD players. Detailed information of the 6 regions is as below:

Region 1: USA and Canada

Region 2: Europe, Japan, The Middle East, North Africa Egypt, South Africa

Region 3: Taiwan, The Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong

Region 4: Mexico, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean

Region 5: Russia, Eastern Europe, India, North Korea, East and West Africa

Region 6: China.


As we know, for US and Canada make up the Region 1, all the DVD players and DVDs sold in the USA and Canada are marked as Region 1. That is to say, DVD players marked as Region 1 can only play DVDs that are labeled Region 1 or Region ALL which are compatible with all regions. Likewise, countries and areas in Europe, Japan, The Middle East, North Africa Egypt, and South Africa are marked as Region 2. All DVD players marked as Region 2 cannot be played DVDs in Region 1 or other regions. But they can be used to play all Region ALL DVDs for there are no compatibility problems.


Then, how to play Any DVD without region code restriction on your computer? All you need is comfortable region-free DVD player software!


How to choose a best region-free DVD Player for your PC?


Here are several factors need to be considered.


First, Compatibility. There are many many DVD player programs with many brand and many extra functions on market. But, how do we know if they are useful or not? Going through the official website for the DVD player software supplier is a good idea. On the official website, it will give you a lot of useful and necessary information on the program, for example, if it is a region-free DVD player or not, the supported system requirements, etc. From its supported system requirements, you can note if this DVD player software is compatible with your PC operating system or not. For Instance, if your PC has Win 7 OS, what you need is a best region-free DVD player for Win7. If the current DVD player software doesnot support Win 7, there will be a incompatibility issue during your use.


Second, Price.  Price is another important factor that must be looked into while choosing a region free DVD Player. There are many brand region free DVD players on market. But they may cost you almost hundred of US dollars.


Here we recommend a useful Windows region free DVD player- BlazeDVD. Its 2,071258 download times on the famous download site indicateshow much it is popular by Windows PC users. Besides the outstanding video & audio qualitie and easiest-to-use interface design, and Windows 7/Vista/XP supported, the most important is that its publisher Aviosoft offers it as a gift-It’s totally FREE!



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