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The Best Way to Record down World Cup Live

Today my friend John complained to me that he is very unhappy with his work, as he is required to work during that time, therefore has no time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. To soccer enthusiasts like John, the World Cup can never be missed out. But during that great event, we can be busy with work or some unexpected cases. I think maybe many people who face this problem like my friend John may have found out good ways to cope with it. Finally, hard work pays off; I find a way to record live World Cup in Yahoo Answer. To my surprise, we even do not need to have cable TV nor network. All you need is a copy of BlazeVideo HDTV Player and a piece of TV tuner/card/dongle, and then you can turn your computer into a useful TV in minutes, to watch your favorite TV shows and games. In addition to that, you can even record down the whole game to keep every exciting moments as personal collection. Moreover, when you have no time for the live game, you can schedule TV recording to auto save the games on PC. Then I decide to have a try if this TV player can really facilitate our World Cup life.

Here I write down the whole process, finally I can watch live TV show with my computer after all these things get done.

No.1 Buy a Piece of TV Device

When I try to find a TV device online, I find that there are all kinds of TV device sold in the market including TV Tuner/Card/Dongle made for different TV standard; this device is used to receive TV signals. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to select a fit device available in your country. In US, the valid TV standard is ATSC, while in European countries it is DVB-T, but in Brazil it is ISDB-T. Find a fit one and then go on.

No.2 Tune Up to Get Perfect TV Signal

To get signal for your TV tuner, you can either use an over-the air antenna, set-top box or a cable jack in the wall. But usually when you buy a TV tuner, you would get a piece of antenna for getting signal. If you want to watch and record TV shows in high quality, you must try your best to get perfect TV signals. The stronger signal your tuner get, the higher quality your World Cup game will be.

No 3. You Can Watch and Record Live World Cup with BlazeVideo HDTV Player

After connecting TV tuner and antenna to your computer, you are ready to get TV shows. Now first download a copy of BlazeVideo HDTV Player from its official website and then install it on Windows 8 PC, but it cannot support Mac OS. I have contact the support of Blaze Video; she said that they have no Mac version, a little depressed for Mac users. Then I start to click on the Scan button to search for channels. I got 45 channels in good quality, very excited.

There are many buttons on the control panel: Play, pause, fast forward, fast backward, next, previous…all these buttons bring you into wonderful TV world on computer just like watching TV at living room.

Click your mouse on the Record button, you can instantly record the live TV shows, especially the most exciting World Cup Games and save onto your hard drive for future viewing

Tip: The TV player enables you to convert the recorded TV files into various formats for playback by popular portable devices including iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, cell phones and more.

Now you can watch all TV shows anytime in any place of the world!

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