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Get top tablets for Christmas holiday

Touch screen tablet is becoming lighter, easier to use and in many cases more powerful since Ainol released the world’s first powerful Android 4.0 tablet.

Up to now, Apple’s iPad 2 is still in the lead. With its multi-touch screen, super thin body, and aura of coolness. Tablets are taking over the technology world. Apple commanded 68% of the tablet market after their iPad came out. And reviewers think that iPad 2 just met Job’s exacting specification. Though there is only one home button on its front surface. You can tap, swipe and stretch what you see on the screen. And users get more intimate and satisfying experience than others.

But there are also other good things. Let’s get down to seeing another one – Amazon Kindle Fire. It is maybe less capable than the iPad. With a smaller touch screen, 7.0-inch, and 8GB memory, it is cheaper than iPad. And it is said to be the best for watching or listening movies, songs, e-books and magazines offered by Amazon.

Nook Tablet can be one the main competitors between Apple and Amazon. It has a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 16GB memory which is twice as Kindle Fire. But you do not need to spend half of that you will spend on an iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab
– a cool and sleek tablet. The full loaded version of 32GB memory and 10.1 inches touch screen is close to an iPad.

HP TouchPad – with 9.7-inch touch screen, 768*1024 pixels resolution, HP TouchPad can meet your demand of a tablet. At a price of $ 99, it raised a fire sale, people are snapping up online.

As Christmas is approaching, have you considered about rewarding yourself with a desirable tablet?

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