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Use Totally Free DVD Player Software to Play DVD Disc on Windows 8

People used to use Windows Media Player as DVD Player, but since the official release of Windows 8 OS, it abandoned the DVD disc playback feature. This causes much inconvenience for Windows 8 users, while it has never been a problem in Windows 7. So then, the problem is: how to play DVD disc on Windows 8?

In fact, there are a bunch of solutions to fix this problem. People could pay extra to buy either the Windows 8 Media Center Pack or the Pro version to play DVD disc on Windows 8. If we can get a problem fixed, why not take the free solution. That is to take advantage of free DVD player software on Windows 8. Here I would show you my harvest after searching free DVDplayer on Google for hours.

BlazeDVD Free, totally free DVD player software for Windows 8 which offers lifetime free service to help Windows 8 users play DVD disc on computer. As professional lifetime free DVD player software, it could play back not only DVD disc, but also DVD TS folder, ISO image file and all popular videos for totally free on Windows 8. Have a look at the detailed guide below to see how easy it is to play DVD disc movies on Windows 8 PC.



How to Play DVD Disc on Windows 8 Step by Step with BlazeDVD Free

Load Source DVD Disc

First insert DVD disc you want to play into the DVD drive of your Windows Computer. After you download and install this free DVD player on your computer, launch it. On the control panel of this Free DVD disc player software, you can see four options: DVD disk drive, play DVD from hard drive, play media file and play photo as slideshow. Click on disk drive, then the Free DVD would start to play DVD disc.

Select Desired Subtitle

This Free DVD player software enables users to set subtitles for better enjoyment. On the bottom of the control panel, people could click the “Subtitle” button to select subtitles.

DVD Playback Settings

Right Click on the Playback Window, then the Setting List would pop up, click on each item you want to set during DVD disc playback.

Set DVD Audio

To set the DVD audio effect, just click on the Audio button on the bottom of control panel and then select your desired audio.

With BlazeDVD Free, you can play DVD for free on Windows 8 PC, after reading the tutorial, I believe you would found that it is so easy, right? If you have any other problem, please feel free to contact us at

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