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What is an ATSC Tuner

The ATSC, short for the Advanced Television Systems Committee, is the name of the broadcasters that use the Digital TV system. An ATSC tuner, or HDTV tuner, is used to receive DTV signals broadcast by these stations and enable users to watch TV shows on their television.

What an ATSC Tuner Does for You

As mentioned above, the main function of an ATSC tuner is to receive signals from over-the-air television broadcast. And, an ATSC tuner usually convert the signals to fit the television by any one or more of the following features: analog to digital conversion, audio/video synchronization, decompression, demodulation, error correction, transport stream demultiplexing or media reformatting.

In addition, people can also use an ATSC tuner or HDTV tuner to watch TV programs on computer directly. To watch TV on PC, people must ask some HDTV player software for help. BlazeVideo HDTV Player is known as one of the best of such software. It can turn your computer into TV easily by working with the ATSC tuner. Also, we love it because BlazeVideo HDTV Player offers more and more amazing features, such as EPG, timeshift, picture in picture, FM radio, teletext, DVD playback, other video/audio enjoyments, etc.

How about the Types of an ATSC Tuner

Usually ATSC tuners can be built into various electronics. The ATSC tuners could come with a television set, DVR, VCR or DTV box directly. To watch TV shows on television that has already connected with ATSC tuners, users will also need a TV antenna system to receive channel signals. But DVRs, VCRs and DTVs do not need, for they act as set-top boxes to get channel signals.

How to Watch TV shows on PC with an ATSC Tuner

Make sure an ATSC tuner and its driver installed well on your computer and get great signals. Free download BlazeVideo HDTV Players software and installed on your computer. The follow the steps below to watch TV shows on your computer.

Step 1: Scan ATSC channels.

Launch BlazeVideo HDTV Player, the scan box will pop up automatically to let you scan ATSC channels:

scan ATSC channels

Step 2: Search ATSC channels.

Click the “Yes” button to turn to the “Scan” box below:

search for ATSC channels

Select the items in “Scan” box one by one:

  • ATSC Type: ATSC-Terrestrial and ATSC-Cable for your choice.
  • Scan Range: Drop down to choose your country or area. If your country is not in the list, please select the “Universal”.
  • Specific Brand (KHz): Enter your local frequency range.

Finally, click the “OK” button to search for ATSC channels in your country.

Step 3: Watch TV shows.

After scanning completed, all channels found will be displayed in the EPG page. Double click the program you want to watch to begin the playback. Use the Channel Up or Channel Down button to switch the TV show list and choose the favorite program you want to watch.

As a sweet software provider, BlazeVideo also has Help files online with detailed instructions to BlazeVideo HDTV Player. Please click BlazeVideo HDTV Player Online Help to read more.


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