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BlazeVideo Volume License Program

About BlazeVideo Volume License

blazevideo Volume License Program provides added value for your organization

BlazeVideo Volume Licensing is available for education, business, and government customers. BlazeVideo aims to meet the needs of business, government and education customers, not only by delivering world-class products and services, but also by providing a high degree of flexibility in our software licensing and pricing programs. Whether you need a full license or an upgrade license, we offer customized programs with world leading multimedia solutions to make the most of your investment. Easy software management and deployment will make your work ultra efficient.

With the years of development and testing that have gone into our products, we are proud of the high-quality software we offer to our customers. Our software supports a range of mission-critical functions. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Program Benefits

  • Flexible licensing programs: BlazeVideo offers flexible and customized options to help you optimize your investment in software.
  • Cost saving for volume purchases: Transaction-based pricing is designed to save you money as a significant discount is offered for volume orders of software licenses.
  • Optimize software management: Software standardization is provided to the customers who have acquired previous versions of BlazeVideo software to save time and resources invested in software management.
  • Upgrade on demand: Purchasing the rights for future upgrades grants your organization access to the latest version of BlazeVideo software in the coverage period.  

Who is eligible for License?

  • - College Students: Matriculating College, university, and career school students qualify for license.
  • - K-12 Students: Currently enrolled K-12 students qualify for license.
  • - Faculty/Staff: K-12 and all post-secondary faculty and staff members qualify for license.
  • - Government Agency qualify for license.
  • - Business orgnization qualify for license.

What type of identification is required for License?

  • Acceptable forms of qualifications
  • - Valid Student ID card
  • - Valid Faculty ID card
  • - Valid Staff ID card
  • - Related recognized qualification
  • - Related recognized qualification

Note: For K-12 students, a letter from school on school letterhead is also required.