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DVD Disc Burning - BlazeVideo DVD Copy

1. DVD-9 to DVD-9 disc burning

Select "8.5GB(DVD-9)" as target DVD size.

Note: If for DVD-9 disc burning, you should have a dual-layer DVD writer installed.

As no dual-layer disc burn engine contained in BlazeVideo DVD Copy, you should follow below special steps to burn DVD-9 disc:

A. Nero burn software installed in your PC:
Nero will be auto added and shown in BlazeVideo DVD Copy, please go to Options->Burn Engine, drop down to select Nero Burn Engine. Thus you will directly burn DVD-9 disc by BlazeVideo DVD Copy.

B. Nero burn software not installed in your PC:
Please create ISO image file by BlazeVideo DVD Copy to remove the protection first, then burn the ISO image file with the burn software bundled with your dual-layer DVD writer.

2. DVD-9 to two DVD-5 disc burning(Split Disc)

Select "4.7GB(DVD-5)" as target DVD size and you must select Split disc copy mode, sequentially burn the #1 disc and #2 disc, the other operations are same as other general copy steps.

This copy mode is aimed to copy all content of the movies, nothing to lose and maintain the original movie quality 100%.

3. DVD-9 to one DVD-5 disc burning

Select "4.7GB(DVD-5)" as target DVD size.

Copy main movie only: If select Main movie, you will copy main movie title only, removed the extras, intros to reduce target movie size, thus you will have the target movie fit the blank DVD-5 disc better to get perfect movie quality.

Copy entire disc: If select Entire disc, you will copy the whole disc content contained in source movie disc. BlazeVideo DVD Copy will auto compress the target movie to fit your blank disc size. Thus the video quality will be reduced.

4. DVD-5 to DVD-5 disc burning

Select "4.7GB(DVD-5)" as target DVD size.

You can freely select any of copy mode to get perfect 1:1 copy.


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