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Main Control

Startup BlazeDVD Free and keep the active status. Move the cursor over the buttons of the control panel for display the DVD's titles. The design for control buttons resembles a DVD Player; you are familiar with the BlazeDVD's control buttons.

Only manufacturers can decide the specific functions burned on discs. The functions which are unavailable to special titles will be displayed gray and not able to be accessed. The following descriptions are about the sections on control panel:


Play Begin to play disc or file
Next Jump to next chapter/file
Previous Jump to previous chapter/file
Fast Backward Fast backward, switch between 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X at each press
Fast Forward Fast forward, switch between 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X at each press
Eject/Close disc Eject/Close disc. During playback, please stop playback before closing the disc.
Open Select playback type
Volume Control Drag slider up/down to increase/decrease volume.
Mute Click it, the audio is muted, click once again, get back the previous conditions
Record Record DVD as MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file
11 Open Floating Panel Show Floating Panel
12 Full Screen Switch to full screen mode if the current video is under the window mode, vice versa.
13 Audio Select Audios: Click to select audio if there are various audio options
14 Subtitle Select Subtitles. Select language caption when there are multiple language captions.
15 Menu Open DVD menu, press down to turns into Resume button
16 Chapter Select DVD chapter
17 Options Open a configuration window
18 Chapter Display the current playback chapter
19 Hours Display the hours of the current DVD title/chapter time
20 Minutes Display the minutes of the current DVD title/chapter time
21 Seconds Display the seconds of the current DVD title/chapter time
22 Position Slider Drag the slider to new position for playback.
23 Show Advanced Panel Toggle on/off Advanced Panel
Help Access the online help.
Minimize It is a standard windows icon. Click it, the control panel and the view window will be minimized and displayed as icons on system toolbar.
Exit Exit BlazeDVD


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