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You will get a serial number from us shortly after you ordered BlazeDVD 6 Professional.

Enter your registration information following these steps:

  • 1.Running BlazeDVD 6;
  • 2.Right-click on the video window and select the item "Purchase & Register" to eject "Register BlazeDVD 6" box;

  • 3.Click "Register" to show the register dialog box.Input the registration information exactly as what you've got;

    blazedvd 6 register

    User Name: Enter your full name here.

    E-mail: Enter your Email here.

    Serial Number: Enter the serial number (license code) here. Please copy and paste the serial number and DON'T type it manually because the serial number is a case-sensitive text string and is difficult to distinguish.

  • 4.Press the "Register!" button.


If you can’t find what you want here, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you or your friends. Please send an email to:

We will reply you in 24-72 hours. Please contact us again after 72 hours without response.

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