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Video Setting

Video Mode
For this option, recommend to select "Auto";
  • Auto: According the movies source BlazeDVD will automatically select the deinterlace mode (Bob or Weave) to obtain better video quality.
  • Force Bob: The movie is coded from interleaved signal (i.e. 30fps/NTSC or 25fps/PAL) and played under this mode.
  • Force Weave: It is suited for the movies content coded from the original film (i.e. 24fps).

  • Enable hardware accelerating: check this option to utilize hardware accelerating to obtain better performance.
  • Enable OSD: OSD is short for On Screen Display. Check this option to display prompt necessary message on the video window when you operate BlazeDVD.
  • Switch to full screen mode when play: check this option, the window will automatically switch to full screen mode when you play movies.
  • Show time on video window : check this option to display time on video window.
  • Show left media time: Check this option to display left time on video window.

Picture In Picture
  • Enable Picture In Picture: Play media by Picture In Picture mode.
  • Sub video position: the position of sub video: left top, right top, left bottom, right bottom of the main video selectable.
  • Sub video size: the size of sub video, 80X60, 160X120, 320X240 pixels selectable.


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