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Record DVD

Newly added DVD record function enables you to record DVD movie as MPEG2 video or record DVD audio as MP3 audio file.

Record DVD as MPEG2 Video File

You can record a wonderful episode of DVD movie as MPEG2 video file for future playback, video clipping or foreign language learning.

Note: BlazeDVD allows you to record unlimited DVD movie with Pro and Ultimate version, but the Trial Version only allows you to record DVD video for 3 minutes, while the Free Version does not support DVD Recording Feature.

Record DVD as MP3 Audio File

You can record your favorite DVD movie audio as MP3 audio file, which is useful for your future playback, audio clipping or foreign language learning

Note: BlazeDVD Professional allows you to record DVD audio without time limitation; otherwise, BlazeDVD Free only allows you to record DVD audio for 5 minutes.

For the detailed operation, please see Record DVD page.


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