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Parental Control

The parental control in BlazeDVD, similar to the ratings of movies may be used for specific users (normally parent) to restrict the contents to be played. After the parental control is set, the BlazeDVD will prompt for parental password during the playing of DVD if it detect the contents contains higher level restriction. Only after the correct password is keyed in, can the play resume.
If you want to restrict the movies to be played, follow the following steps to set up the ratings. IF there is a password, key in the right password to enable all options for modification.

  • Disable, not limited
    In this level, the parental control are disabled and all DVD titles can be played without limitation.

  • G, general
    General level

  • PG, parental guidance suggested
    Parental guidance suggested

  • PG-13, not recommended for those under 13
    Parental guidance suggested, not recommended for those under 13

  • R, restricted

  • NC-17,not appropriate for those under 17
    Not appropriate for those under 17

  • Set password
    Set new password to protect parental level


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