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Right-Click Menu

During playback, position the cursor above the video window to right click for the menu, the menu's commands is same of general menu. The menu is followed:

Play:start playback

Pause:pause/continue playback

Stop:stop playback

Fast Forward:playback under the fast forward mode

Fast Backward:playback under the fast backward mode

Go to:jump to certain title/chapter/time

Repeat:repeat the current chapter/title

Menu:select available options from the current DVD disc (root, language, captions etc.)

Titles:display the current movie title

Chapters:display the current movie chapter

Subtitles:select caption language

Audio:select audio options

Angle:select camera angle

Play from:choose the source for playback

Bookmark:mark your favorite scenes

Capture Image:capture your favorite scenes

Visualization:select visualization effect when playing audio file

Video Window: set video window mode

Picture In Picture: Show / Hide sub video, Swap Main / Sub video, Enable Picture In Picture

Full Screen:zoom in the video window to your monitor's available area

Show Floating Panel: show Floating Panel or bring the Floating Panel to top

Options: open the Options dialog for change settings

Purchase & Register:purchase or register BlazeDVD

Check for updates: Update BlazeDVD to newest version from Internet

Help:access online help

Exit:exit BlazeDVD


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