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Power Setting

Click "Options..." button in the control panel to eject "Options" box, then activate "General" and click "Power Setting" button, you will enter "Power Setting" box as below:


Power Scheme:

  • Enable Windows Power Scheme: Select this option and click "Show Power Shceme", the "Power Options Properties" box of the windows system will pop up for you to perform system power setting.
  • Enable Additional Power Scheme: there are three options as below:
    • a. High Power Saving: offers the best power savings, but may affect the performance of other applications running at the same time.
    • b. Normal Power Saving: offers some power savings without significantly affecting other applications.
    • c. Low Power Saving: offers less power savings but allows maximum flexibility to run other applications.

Minmum Battery to play

Prevents your computer from unexpectedly shutting down while playing movie due to depletion of the battery. Once the battery life reaches the level, a dialog will pop up to prompt you with low power info. Defautl level is 15%, you also can drag the slide bar to set your desired level.



clcik "Default", you will resume the default setting. Ok-Submitting the setting, power-saving technology adopted for Laptop PC. Cancel-Cancel the reseting, keep the original selecting


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