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Advanced Panel

Click on Main Control Panel to show "Advanced Panel" or click to hide it, which has six sub panels:

Default open with TV advanced panel:

Click to show TV advanced panel.

  1. Scan: Click to scan channels.
  2. Recall: Click to return to last channel
  3. Favorite: Click to add current channel in favorite list
  4. Teletext: Display a teletext menu
  5. Previous: Skip to previous page of the teletext
  6. Next: Skip to next page of the teletext
  7. display the current main and sub teletext page
  8. Save current page of teletext as a .txt file.

Click to show DVD advanced panel, please refer to DVD Navigator.

Click to show color advanced panel, please refer to Color Adjustment.

Click to show equalizer advanced panel, please refer to Equalizer.

Click to show zoom panel, please refer to Zooming Video.

Click to show screen panel, please refer to Screen Control.


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