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Playback Control

Watching TV
Watch Digital & Analog TV show Listen to digital Radio with Visualization Effect
View digital Teletext EPG Guide (DTV only)
TimeShifting (DTV only) Realtime Record Digital & Analog TV
Schedule Watch Digital & Analog TV Schedule Record Digital & Analog TV
Scanning Channels Wake up Record Digital & Analog TV
Favorite Management Playlist Control
Capture Image Multi-channel Preview
Video Control
Zoom in or Zoom out Full Screen Playback
Desktop Video Wide Screen, Letter Box, Keep Aspect Ratio, Smart Stretch
Color Adjustment Freely Adjust Video Window Size
Visualization (Playback Audio File)  
Audio Control
Audio Adjustment Mute On/Off
Equalizer Control Special Audio Effect
Playback Source (Only available in Pro version)
Playing DVD/VCD/CD disc Play DVD from Hard Disk
Play External Video Device Play Media Files
Open Playlist Play Photos as Slide Show
Playing DVD (Only available in Pro version)
Select DVD Menu: Title, Chapter, Subtitle, Audio, Angle Capture Image
DVD Book Mark Playback 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X Fast Forward/Fast Backward
Eject/Close DVD Disc Step Forward
Playlist Control Repeat Title/Chapter
Time Control
Drag Slider bar to Desired Time Play at Time


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