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Schedule Record TV Show

BlazeVideo HDTV Player allows you to schedule record TV show, either digital TV or analog TV. If you have to be away from PC at the time of your favorite program playback; or you can not bear sitting in front of PC to wait your desired program to begin; or you have multiple favorite programs to watch at the same time. Don't worry, the Schedule Record feature will assure you never miss any of your favorite programs. Your favorite program will be automatically recorded and saved on your hard disk.

Note: you will record HDTV show as MPEG2 video, record analog TV show as ASF video.

The record file is default saved in "My Document", for the record directory setting, please see Record Setting page.

Just set Task Type as "Recording File" and set the record duration when you create scheduled task.

Please see Create Scheduled Task for the operation details of creating task.


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