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View Digital Teletext

Note: The Teletext is activated only if HDTV service provider has provided such program.

  1. Teletext: Display a teletext menu
  2. Previous: Skip to previous page of the teletext
  3. Next: Skip to next page of the teletext
  4. Display the current main and sub teletext page
  5. Save current page of teletext as a .txt file.

View Teletext:

There are two ways to view teletext:

1. In Main Control Panel, click Subtitle button and tick "Teletext" in popup menu, teletext will display on video window.

2. In TV Advaned Panel Teletext area, click Teletext button and tick "Show Teletext" in popup menu, teletext will display on the video window.

Go To: click to popup a menu allowing you to go to specified teletext page. You can also click the or button to go to previous or next page.

Hold: Always hold and keep playing the current teletext program during other operations.

Transparent: Display Teletext over the current video by transparent mode, if not checked, there will be only teletext, no video displaying.


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