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Analog TV Setting

Open "Options"->"Analog TV", to popup Analog TV setting window.

  • Video Device: List the connected analog TV tuner.

  • Video Source: Generally set as TV.
    • TV: for analog TV watching.
    • Composite: for composite signal receiving.
    • S-Video: for S-Video signal receiving.

  • Video Standard: The analog TV Standard in your location.
    All analog TV Standards supported by your analog TV tuner will be listed in this box. The application will auto select the TV standard according to your country or region.
    Note: Please refer to your analog TV tuner specifications for what and how many TV standards to be supported.

  • Audio Device: Please choose Realtek AC97 Audio or Audio Pin.
    Audio Pin may not be available, please check the specifications of your analog TV tuner.

  • Audio Source: Please select the appropriate audio source, generally set as Line In.

  • Signal: Please choose Cable or Antenna.

  • Country or Region: Please select your currently located country or region in the drop list.

  • Fine Tune: Drag the slide bar to get the best signal quality.
Note: If you have moved to another country or region, you should reset the country and video standard, otherwise you will fail to receive local TV signal.


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