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Create Scheduled Task

  • In EPG_Schedule window, click to create a task.
  • In EPG_Channels window, select a program with EPG guide and click .
  • In EPG_ Programs window, right click a program and select “Add to Schedule”.
  • In EPG_ Favorite window, select a program with EPG guide and click .
Through one of above steps to create a task and eject below Task box: here you can set task name, task type and task time.

The schedule record steps are as below:

1. Set Task Name: Input the task name in "Task Name" option

2. Set Task Channel: drop down click to select your desired channel

3. Set Task Type: If want to Scheduled Record TV, please select "Recording File", and set the record duration time. Please refer to Scheduled Record TV.

If want to Scheduled Watch TV, please select "Viewing Reminder". Please refer to Scheduled Watch TV Show.

4. Set Start Time. The start time will directly display

After click "OK", you will finish setting schedule record task, HDTV Player will automatically begin to record your desired program at the task time.

: Modify Task: select a created task and click this button, you will modify the task details.

: Delete the selected task.


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