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Q: What is HDTV?
HDTV stands for high-definition television, and it marks the biggest leap forward for television since color TV made its debut in the 1950s. HDTV images are more than twice as detailed as standard analog TV, delivering rich, realistic images, as well as multichannel, movie-theater-quality surround sound. HDTVs can display both regular and HDTV images, but they need HD sources to look their best.

Q: What is the minimum requirement for HDTV Player?
Before installing HDTV Player, you should confirm your system comply with the following minimum requirement:
OS: Windows 98SE\ Me \ 2000 \ XP;
CPU: Intel Celeron 600MHz or higher;
Device: All DVD drives;
Sound card: PCI sound cards, Integration chipset on Mother Board, USB audio devices etc. compatible with Windows and stereo speakers;
RAM: 128MB RAM or higher;
Display card: Have 24 Bits resolution and support DirectX, 8MB Video-ROM or more
Direct X: DirectX 9.0 or later
Hardware: HDTV device and its driver should be properly installed

Q: Can I record TV show?
A: Yes, BlazeVideo HDTV Player supports realtime /schedule record both digital and analog TV show.

Q: How to install HDTV Player?
A: It depends on the way you buy the software.
1. Register number by email
You can download and install most updated HDTV Player trial version from our website and register with the registered number you obtain from us by email.
2. CD setup disc
Run setup program supplied with CD and follow the steps to carry out installation.
3. Online download
After you have completed an order, you will receive an order confirmation email which will provide you a designated website to download HDTV Player setup files.

Q: Why can’t I install HDTV Player in Windows 2000?
A: If your operating system is Windows 2000, when you install HDTV Player, you should logon as Administrator in order to install the program.

Q: HDTV Player prompts me to upgrade DirectX to version 9.0 or newer versions. Do I need to upgrade DirectX?
A: HDTV Player need to have DirectX 9.0 or newer versions to run the program. You can download free latest version from Microsoft website. If you purchased HDTV Player is in CD version, the disc should have contained DirectX setup disc. Find it and install it in your computer.

Q : How to clear the saved channel info?
A: Please exit HDTV Player first, locate " DVB_T.gsl " file under program installation folder and delete it, you will clear all channels and favorite info. After you relaunch HDTV Player, it will prompt you to search channel again.

Q : I fail to search channel, how to do?
A: Please try with below steps:
a. Expand frequency range: The preset frequency range may not fit to the actual status, please manually reset the maximum and minimum frequency;
b. Adjust off-center frequency: Please adjust the off-center frequency value in Advanced Setting box;
c. Change some value in Advanced Setting box: As each country has different DVB-T parameters, if failed to search, please change the value in Advanced Setting box, such as " Modulation", "Guard", etc.

Q : Why I fail to playback HDTV programs?
A: If current playback channel has no data stream, you will fail to playback programs. The data stream exists if the clock on Main Control panel changes with time at Playback status; otherwise, if clock keeps unchanged, there is no data stream, please research channel.

Q : Why I can not record some channel's program?
A: If a channel adopts AC-3 audio encoding mode, you will not record such channel's program.

Q: What kind of audio processing functions can HDTV Player offer?
1.Dolby Digital 2/4/6- channels decoding and (floating point) Pro-Logic decoding functions?
2 . Support SPDIF to output Dolby Digital (AC-3) for most real audio quality.
3 . Support MPEG-2 audio effect and LPCM decoding function.
4 . Support two channels DS3D, A3D and QXPander analogue surround sound effect.
5 . Support Windows 2000 multi-channels and SPDIF.
6 . Support DVD sound effect of Microsoft DirectSound standard interface.
7 . Support 2 channels output and mixer arithmetic.
8 . Support multi-channels output of the main stream sound cards
9. Support karaoke and MP3 functions.

Q: What video playing functions can HDTV Player provide?
A: 1.Support NTSC (resolution at 720 x 480) and PAL (resolution at 720 x 576) system.
2.Support different display modes for different screen resolutions. For example, it supports display modes of 4:3 or 16:9 under the screen resolution of 4:3, or supports display modes of 16:9 under the screen resolution of 16:9.
3. Support Smart Stretch to 16:9 and Video Desktop.
4. Support audio Visualization effect
5.Display correct aspect ratio of the movie.
6. support DVD (MPEG-2) and VCD (MPEG-1) specifications.
7.Strengthened smooth playing and eliminate picture twittering.

Q: What types of multi media formats does HDTV Player support?
A: HDTV Player support most of the multi media formats, including various audio and video specifications. It support all functions provided by Microsoft. Details of specifications are as follows:
1. Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI)
2. Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG, MPG, M2V, DAT)
3. Windows Media? Video (WMV)
6. Digital Video (DV, DV1)
7. Video Object File (VOB)
9. WAV (WAV)
10. AIFF (AIF)
11. AU (AU)
12. SND (SND)
13. MIDI (MID)
14. Windows Media Audio* (WMA)
15. MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, M2P, M2A)
16. CDA(.cda) file

Q:Does HDTV Player have functions for change skins?
A: HDTV Player v2.0 provides functions for changing skins that is suitable for you. You can also visit our website to download the most new skins or design specific skins by yourselves!

Q:Where can I get or buy a HDTV Player?
A: If you want an trial version, you can download it in the “free download area” of our website.

Q: I have already bought the software and I don’t know how to register HDTV Player.
A: 1. You must first install HDTV Player evaluations copy. If you don’t have it, please download it from our website.
2. Find a serial number contained in the order confirmation email. It is suggested to print out the email and keep it properly for future reference.
3. Run HDTV Player, select purchase / register of the right click menu at video window.
4. Carefully input your name and serial number and then click on register.

Q: Why I fail to create Overlay surface on the video card? How to solve the problem?
A: Such alarm will be prompted by HDTV Player if your VGA card cannot provide enough memory space or don’t have Overlay mode to display video images.
In this case, it is suggested to reduce the resolution, refreshing rate or color pallet to leave enough memory space for video images.
Another reason is due to drivers for the VGA card is quite old or don’t support Overlay mode which lead to failure of Overlay initiation. Please contact your VGA supplier for most updated drivers or do as we recommend above.

Q: How to play DVD,VCD,SVCD,MP3?
A: You only need to insert the a disc into DVD-ROM not matter it is DVD, VCD or SVCD, HDTV Player will launch automatically and play the contents for you as long as your DVD-ROM support standard read and write formats. It is just insert and play. You don’t need to bother which type of format to choose for the disc to play.
If you find that the inserted disc cannot play correctly, it may be due to the non-standard format of the disc being playing. In this case, please try to use “file” mode to play, like MP3 or some multi media files made you yourselves.

Q: What are the special features and functions of HDTV Player?
A: HDTV Player ™ is a simple and easy to use multi media play program by pure software method. It is simple, reliable and suitable for users worldwide. HDTV Player is the best choice for DVD playing! Dispense of the use of the expensive hardware MPEG-2 decompression card, it can play DVD with high graphic quality and let you enjoy the best music environment. It render your multi media computer to be home theater and audio and video center!
Features of the Products:
· Support DVD/VCD/SVCD/MP3 playback;
· Record DVD Video/Audio;
· Personalized user interface;
· Changing of control panel skin;
· Bookmark
· Capture Image
- Parental Control
· Hardware acceleration and motion compensation
· Pan&scan, Letter Box, Smart Strectch to 16:9
· Video Desktop;
· Playback Pictures as Slide Show;
- Special Audio Effect & Equalizer Preset Value
- Visualization
- Smart Media Detector

Q: What kind of video play function can HDTV Player provide?
1. Support NTSC (resolution 720 x 480) and PAL (resolution 720 x 576) specifications.
2. Support different display modes under different aspect ratio and resolution. For example, it supports display modes of 4:3 or 16:9 under the screen resolution of 4:3, or supports display modes of 16:9 under the screen resolution of 16:9.
3. Display correct aspect ratio of the movie.
4. Support hardware motion compensation function.
5. Support different DVD (MPEG-2) and VCD (MPEG-1) specifications.
6. Strengthened smooth playing and eliminate picture twittering.

Q: What kind of sound processing can HDTV Player provide?
A: 1. By means of MMX Dolby Digital 2/4/6- channels and Pro-Logic
2. Support SPDIF to output Dolby Digital (AC-3) and obtain most real audio quality
3. Support MPEG-2 sound effect and LPCM software decoding function
4. Support 2 channels analogue surround audio effect
5. Support Windows 2000 multi channels (Creative!) and SPDIF (Crystal 654630/4624)
6. Support DVD sound effect of Microsoft DirectSound standard interface
7. Support 2 channels output and mixer arithmetic
8. Support multi-channels output of main stream sound cards
9. Support Karaoke and MP3 play functions.

Q: Why there is no subtitle when I am playing HDTV Player?
A: This is because that the Overlay driver of your VGA card has not been started normally and you cannot see subtitles. You can try the following method to correct the problem:
A. Install DirectX 8 or higher version;
B. Update your VGA card driver;
C. Reduce the resolution, color pallet and adjusting refreshing rate.

Q: Does Windows 2000 support S/PDIF?
A: HDTV Player can use S/PDIF. But it depends on whether your sound card supports S/PDIF. It only works after Windows 2000 have installed Microsoft Service Pack 2 or later versions.

Q: Why Can’t I use S/PDIF 5.1 channels output provided by HDTV Player?
A: First confirm if your sound card support S/PDIF. IF your sound card could not support, you cannot play using S/PDIF.IF you want to set this option, press audio setting button on the HDTV Player setting attribute and select DVD play setting option.

Q: Why there is region code protection?
A: The major movie producers in the world have set the standard to divide the world into 6 regions and require the DVD released within in these 6 regions to be set with region code to protect their interest. Hence, theaters and families in each region will not be able to obtain cheaper discs from those cheaper regions and has to purchase from the normal channels so as to safeguard their interest. HDTV Player allows for the user to set a different region code for 5 times. After setting of 5 times, the player will only watch the DVD set for the region or discs locked for all regions.

Q: How many types of region code protection in DVD-ROM hardware itself?
A: The region code protection in DVD-ROM hardware may be classed into 2 types: A. Phase I (with no region code protection): The hardware itself will not protect the region and the region code is protected by the software. In the case of HDTV Player, you may confirm if you have change the region code for 5 times. If yes, HDTV Player will use the last set region code as the final setting and lock the region code.B. Phase II (with region code protection): Use the set region code protect on the hardware as the one for watching movies. As this is the protection by the hardware itself, you should consult DVD-RMO manufacturer for detail information. HDTV Player will base on the region code set in the DVD-ROM.

Q: How many times is allowed for me to change the region code after setup the HDTV Player for the first time?
A: The region code protection is to comply with the major 8 movie producers in the world. You will have 5 opportunities to change the region code (depend on the DVD ROM) and the region code will be locked after the 5th setting. From then on, you could only play DVD movies set for the region or locked for all regions.

Q: My computer has already MPEG1or MPEG2 hardware decoding and compression card. Can I still use HDTV Player?
A: HDTV Player is a play program for decoding MPEG1 and MPEG2 using pure software method. HDTV Player may be compatible with hardware compression card, but cannot be run simultaneously with the hardware compression card.This means that when you are using HDTV Player, remember don’t to use hardware compression card at the same time. Because if hardware compression card and HDTV Player are used simultaneously, it may cause the playback to stop or even the system will be suspended. If such thing happen, it is suggested to remove the hardware compression card or close it.

Q: Can all functions of HDTV Player be used in VCD?
A: There are many types and sizes of VCD. For some disc types like music CD, they have musics / chapters and can be skipped forward and backward. For other VCD, they don’t allow for such actions. However, you can fully utilize searching slider to search for the sections you want to play.Some of the allowable functions that may be used on some VCD depend on the individual case are listed below:
Skip to next chapter or last chapter, those listed below are for VCD.
Normal setup
OSD setup
Begin to use
Audio setup
Panel setup

Q: Can I use frame capture function during playing VCD movie?
A: HDTV Player v1.0 provides frame capture function and you can use this function during DVD or VCD playing.

Q: I a registered user of BlazeVideo HDTV Player Standard, how to upgrade to BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro

A: Follow guide below to upgrade to BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro:

Step 1: Right click video window of BlazeVideo HDTV Player Standard, select "Check for upgrades" to show box below:

upgrade box

Step 2: Click the first "Click here" button to purchase a license code for BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro.

Step 3: Then go back to click the second "Click here" button to open the "Serial number" box and copy and paste your license code:

serial number box

Step 4: After successful registration, Click OK to download BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro:

Step 5: Click Yes to begin to install BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro.

Step 6: Click Yes, BlazeVieo HDTV Player Pro will be launched automatically.

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