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Real-Time Record TV Show

You can real-time record your favorite TV show while you are watching TV show. You can record video & audio, or record audio only. Please go to Record Setting for record type setting.

Note: The recorded video may be different type, you will record digital TV show as MPEG2 video, record analog TV show as ASF video.

The operation is very easy, just directly click Record button on Main Control Panel, or click in Floating Panel to activate Record page, then click record button, you will begin to record file.


Click to start to record, during recording procedure, the file size will keep dynamically changed

Stop Record

Click to stop record, then the record file will be auto saved as ".mpg" file named by record time in the specified folder you have set in Record Option page.

Play Record

Click to playback the selected record file

Remove the selected record file in Record List
Remove all record files in Record List
Remove the record file from the record file's folder

Right-click Menu:

Begin to record
Playback the selected record file
Remove the selected record file from Record List
Remove all record files from Record List
Quickly access and open the record file's folder
Delete the selected record file from record file's folder


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