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Playing DVD (Only available in Pro version)

It is quite simple to watch DVD film. In most cases, you just need to insert a disc. HDTV Player will automatically start and determine disc type. But sometimes you may need to watch only some DVD subtitle and not want to watch from beginning. HDTV Player will help you to watch DVD in a controlled way. After you are familiar with the control panel of HDTV Player, you will find that the control panel contains all basic operation buttons (play, pause and stop, etc.), options for volume and mute, play speed, chapter and menu navigation, and repeat. Now let’s watch a film by follow the following steps:

Get Start to Play DVD

1. If you want to watch a DVD movie, please insert a DVD disc into a default DVD drive. (You can see the default DVD drive in the Standard Setup of Attribute Setup dialog box). Click on the most right Play Button icon, or press Enter shortcut key of Play. If auto play is set, HDTV Player will automatically start to play. IF you want to play the movie manually, ensure that the right DVD drive has been selected on the OPTIONS. You may also click on the bottom Select source Button to select the DVD drive for playing.

Note: Some DVD disc may supplement with other DVD play software and may prompt you if you want to install the software. It is recommended not to install such software as the attached software may be simple in function and may lead to conflict with HDTV Player.

2. Depend on the type of the DVD disc, there will be alarm message or copyright information on the screen. This cannot be skipped.

3. Normally DVD main menu will be on the screen after the preview advertising. You can use mouse or arrow key or direction / arrow on the DVD Navigator Sub Panel to navigate thought playing. Then you can select using Intermediate Button or shortcut key CTRL+Enter to select.

4. DVD movie will now begin to play.

Control Play

5.Clicking on Pause on the main control panel or pressing Space Bar on the keyboard may pause video window image. If you want to resume play, click on Play or press Space Bar again or Pause Key.

6.If you want to watch movie with full screen, double click on the video window or use shortcut key Z. If the current play is in windows mode, it will switch to full screen mode. If it is in full screen mode, it will switch to windows mode.

7.Increase / decrease volume or turn on / off sound·

If you want to increase volume, you can move the volume slider upward to the required level or press alphanumeric keyboard [+] keys on the keyboard.· If you want to decrease volume, you can move the volume slider downward to the required level or press alphanumeric keyboard [-] keys on the keyboard.· If you want to turn on / off the sound, you can click on the Mute button or press M key on the keyboard.

8.Color adjustment, please open Advanced Panel, activate Color panel, for detailed operation, please see Color Adjustment page, you can drag slider bar to set Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue.

9. Change chapter. If you want to change to other chapter, click on Previous button or Next button. Or press C on the keyboard to open chapter menu directly.

10. During playback or under pause mode, click on the Next Chapter button or Previous Chapter will move to next chapter or return to previous chapter.

11.Fast Forward and Fast Backward

You don’t need to search for a movie or a chapter one by one. You can use Fast Forward or Fast Backward button. Switch between 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x speed at each click.

12.Step forward

During the playing, click on the Advancing a Frame on the bottom of the control panel will move to next frame. Click on random stepping button will stop playing. The button will enable you to capture image with more accuracy.

13.To eject the disc from the player, click on the Stop button and then Quit button or press [End] key on the keyboard.

14.To close HDTV Player, click Close button.


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