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Major Features

Full-featured Digital & Analog TV Solution:

  • Watch, record, pause, replay TV show
  • Convert recorded files into MP4, 3GP, AVI, ASF formats for portable devices including Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone, Sony PSP, Smart phones etc.
  • Intelligent EPG guides you through what and when to watch (DTV only)
  • TimeShift to pause live TV shows for a break or skip commercial (DTV only)
  • Smart search to quickly locate favorite TV shows or desired TV Show time
  • Search filter helps to display program by time or by type
  • Remind to watch at scheduled time
  • Auto & manually scan all available channels
  • Display subtitle, support multiple language & audio channels
  • Freely manage favorite TV channels, rename TV channels
  • Multi-channel preview to quickly access favorite programs
  • Wide compatibility, support both DVB-T, DVB-S, DMB-T/H, CMMB, ATSC Digital TV standard and PAL, NTSC, SECAM Analog TV standard

Advanced Personal Recording(Digital & Analog TV):

  • Record as video or audio file in hard disk, play them in full original quality!
  • Real-time record while watching live TV show
  • Scheduled record, never miss any wonderful TV shows
  • Auto wakeup to perform scheduled task at PC hibernation status

Still Image Capture:

  • Capture Digital or Analog TV show as still image
  • Capture DVD video as still image (Only available in Pro version)
  • Capture MPEG video as still image

Powerful Media Center:

  • Play DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD disc (Only Available in Pro version)
  • Play most popular media files
  • DVD bookmark preview (Only Available in Pro version)
  • High Definition & Crystal Clear Video Quality
  • Superior Audio Quality

Listen to Digital Radio:

  • Enjoy digital radio in Visualization mode. The audio effect is near CD quality
  • Create favorite radio stations for convenient listening
  • Smart search digital radio program by time
  • Rename radio stations

View Digital Teletext
Receive Composite or S-Video Signal
Advanced power saving scheme for Notebook PC
Outstanding Video & Audio Quality:

  • High video quality, support multiple aspect ratio and video hardware accelerating
  • Video desktop lets you view video in true background mode, just like wallpaper
  • Different video quality selectable according to device performance to keep smoothest video
  • Smart stretch lets video smart fit on all monitor with different aspect ratio, avoid video loss or distortion
  • Enhanced audio effect and equalizer, supports 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 channel output


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