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Watch TV Show

You can watch either digital TV show or analog TV show. When you run BlazeVideo HDTV Player for the first time, and if your PC have a TV device installed, after auto scanning all available channels, the program will auto play the first scanned channels.

In the future every time when you startup HDTV Player, HDTV Player will auto play the last channel you have viewed.

There are also below operations available for you to quickly and easily access your desired channels.

Directly Watch: In EPG window, double click a desired channel, you will directly watch this channel's program.

Switch Channel: Click or to freely switch to previous or next channel.

Browse Channel: Click to open a channel list dialogue box of all the channels and your favorite channels. Here you can freely select your desired channel to watch.

Return to Last Channel: Click to quickly access and play the last viewed channel.

Select Subtitle: Click to select your desired subtitle.

Select Audio: Click to select your desired audio.


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