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Program Guide

Click "EPG" button in Main Control Panel to pop up EPG window, then click the "Show Guide" button , you will switch to Guide sub window.

All the available programs and start time will be listed.

Click a selected program, you can access more details of this program, such as program title, start time, end time and program description.

Note: This feature may not be available, local DTV service dependent, please contact service supplier for the availability.

Smart Search

Type the start time or keyword of your desired programs in Search box, all the relative program guide will be displayed.

Search Filter

Click to eject search filter, here you can freely select different search filter to display different TV programs. You can search by time, by type (Free to Air or Scrambled), (TV or Radio).

Refresh EPG

Click to refresh EPG, you will get the latest program guide of all the channels.

Add to Schedule:

Right click a selected program and select "Add to Schedule", you will add this program in a schedule task.


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