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Other Features (Only available in Pro version)

  • Capture your favorite DVD Movies scenes, preview the images and save the favored ones.
  • Bookmark preview, quickly access desired DVD title/chapter
  • 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X Fast Forward/Fast Backward
  • Step forward for precise title/chapter watching
  • Freely select Menus: Title, Root, Chapter, Subtitles, Language, camera Angles
  • Repeat title/chapter
  • Number of subtitles: 32
  • Close captioning
  • Multiple angles: 9
  • Automatically resuming from the last scene
  • Parental control level
  • Configurable user Interface
  • Zoom in Video Images, maximize eight times. 
  • Language learning function 
  • Support files : MPG, ASF, MP3 (For more formats, please update to the professional version.)
  • Support photo playback as slide show


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